Benton_(5)_(1)Roman & Sons offers an extensive line of entryway, French, sliding patio, and storm doors available in all styles and configurations. We represent different manufacturers so you can choose the right door for your home’s style, needs and budget.

Our doors are custom made and available in a variety of materials including steel and fiberglass for entryway doors, vinyl and composite for sliding patio doors and aluminum for storm doors. There are countless different styles, glass options, colors and hardware combinations to get the perfect door for your home that will add beauty and curb appeal.

Why Replace Your Doors?
As with windows, there are many reasons people replace their doors. Energy efficiency, security, maintenance and appearance are all major factors. Entryway doors and patio doors are typically the largest opening in any house and have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Every door in your home has an impact on ventilation, accessibility, security and appearance so the proper choice of an exterior door for your home is crucial.

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Energy Efficiency
With today’s high energy costs, homeowners want to be certain that the doors they replace are energy efficient. A custom made door and professional installation will ensure a tight fit so there are no gaps for air to come into or conditioned air to escape out of the home. Most importantly, a true thermal break on a steel door is critical so that temperature is not transferred from outside to inside the home.

Since the front entryway door is usually the focal point of your home, what you choose can dramatically affect its curb appeal and value. Sidelites and storm doors can add light and ventilation that may have been missing. A patio door can make your backyard and deck or patio much more accessible to you and your family. Not only will there be a return on your investment in the value of your home, but you will appreciate the added benefit of light, ventilation, security and accessibility with your new doors.

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Energy Star
All of our Doors are Energy Star Rated